A service for a customer that demands the finest quality of delivery, with no expenses spared. Allowing more control over shipments.

Most deliveries would stop at a doorstep while the consumer is not present to receive the shipment or inspect for any sort of damage. This creates a liability mainly due to the fact the shipments are prone to be stolen. Also think of the extra work a consumer would have to do when they for example purchased a new TV or Furniture and would go through the trouble of bringing it inside and spending the extra time assembling it. Shipments like that are difficult and time consuming. This is where the premium White Glove Services is most needed and is quite critical to insure ease and peace of mind when purchasing any sort of item that requires special installation and assembly.

Delivered when, where and how you want it

Skilled and trained professionals working diligently to insure all you expectations are met. Whether you order a refrigoratior, large household appliances, furniture or expensive electronics, these shipments could be damaged and severely costly if not handled with the utmost care or attention during delivery. Therefore shippers need to consider using white glove services to deliver on the promise of providing exactly what a consumer wants. There is no one size fits all for every customer. Each and every customer is unique in their expectations and requirements.This is exactly why white glove is such a premium service due to the fact that each delivery is custom tailored. Whether you want a Appointment time set, Pre delivery call, inside delivery, room of choice, assembly, debris removal, checklist filled out and signed, photo evidence or a follow up call after delivery has been made, a white glove provider can promise you that and much more.

White Glove services can help shippers better mitigate risks

Shippers can better align their current operations with consumer expectations, improving visibility along the way
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